Elizabeth Rohack, LMT, CTP
Peaceful Touch and Movement Integration


"As a practicing psychologist for over 30 years I am deeply aware of the mind/body connection. Resources that allow people to reclaim their natural sense of relaxed joyfulness while expanding their consciousness are most valuable. I have found both personally and for my patients that the Trager© technique offers dignity and expansion of mind/body awareness in a profound and meaningful way.  Since the body holds so many pre-verbal memories, the gentle freeing of body constrictions helps unlock memories as well as offering freedom of motion and ease. Trager® offers a powerful road to wholeness and awareness in my professional opinion. "

  (Herb Tannenbaum, Psychologist, Owner/Director, Harbor Hills Day Camp, NJ )


Trager® work is one of the least invasive forms of table work using gentle rocking and bouncing motions to induce states of deep, pleasant relaxation. It helps facilitate the nervous system’s communication with the muscles, so that it can be used as a method of rehabilitation especially by people suffering from traumatic injuries, post-polio syndrome, and other chronic neuromuscular problems.”

 (Andrew Well M.D. Author of Spontaneous Healing, Director, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, Tucson)


 "When I first saw Elizabeth 2 years ago, I had a very severe lower back problem and had been diagnosed with arthritis throughout my body.  My back had been so bad that, at times, I could not stand up; and other times, so painful that although I could stand, many of my activities were curtailed.  After taking weekly Trager treatments and practicing the daily Trager selfcare movements, my lower back has been 100% better.  I also 'dug my garden' the last three weeks with no ill effects."

(Dave Whitmore, retired builder)


"I came to Elizabeth and Trager© very much in need.  I was tired and had been suffering from chronic pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for about one year.  I had tried to explore other forms of alternative therapy to complement my traditional treatment during this time, none of which I found helpful.  I have now experienced five sessions, approximately 2 per month and I am so happy to announce to the world that I am a happier, stronger person because of Trager.  I am convinced that emotional trauma is what triggered the RA to begin and I know that my only route to physical wellness is through emotional wellness.  I am well on my way to finding that "emotional peace and lightness" that I needed.  I have been able to let new and good things into my heart as a result of my Trager sessions and I have found new "balance and strength" because of it.  No other form of therapy, be it psychological or physical, has healed me in the way that Trager has and Trager has done it gently and wisely."

(Stephanie Handford, Dir., Connectivity Consulting, LLC)


"The Trager touch and movement re-education sessions made my 13-hour labor and delivery an easier experience.  The tablework sessions were a 'kiss from God" for me and my baby, removing all of the stress from the day."

(First-time Mother)


"Trager "Mentastics©" that we did in class brought an awareness to other parts of my body that I had not realized were neglected and needing care.  I enjoyed the way I could "let go" and completely relax.  This has made my workdays a whole lot easier!"

(Trager Student)


“Elizabeth is simply the best person I have ever had a session with.  I went there because I had some arm issues, but she worked on my whole body.  After the session, I had realized that the nagging neck discomfort I had for more than two decades due to a car accident and 40 plus years of violin playing was completely gone, not only my arm was moving again so smooth.  I was living with this discomfort for so long, I did not know I could have let the discomfort go.  I live about 10 hours away from her, but I would definitely visit her again, plan my trip to stop by for another session.  Thank you, Elizabeth!”     Mayu

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